Trey Gowdy With A Bill To Stop Obama’s “Slush Find” Policy


Trey Gowdy is one of the good guys, dedicated to DESTROYING the corruption in Washington. And we all know who is at the top of the corrupt ladder – Barrack Obama – one of the most corrupt presidents EVER. Obama’s destructive policies harmed the American people more than any other president. He promoted racial division, ruined the economy, neglected our military, and let thousands of undocumented migrants into our country that are killing and raping people each day.

But President Trump has some strong allies and advisers on his side, and Trey Gowdy is one of them. He is doing everything in his power to shut down the Obama regime’s policies. Under Gowdy, the House Judiciary Committee passed a bill to stop an Obama “slush find” policy, reports Freedom’s Final Stand.

The bill, called H.R. 732, was co-sponsored by Trey Gowdy, who worked overtime to get it passed.

With that, Trey Gowdy made an important contribution to the draining of the swamp. He made sure that Obama would be quickly forgotten and his legacy would be destroyed. The House Judiciary Committee’s decision is “nothing less than Congress taking back its constitutional powers lost over the last eight years”, said Gowdy.

Here’s what Trey said of the historic day:

“The House Judiciary Committee’s passage of a bill to stop an Obama-era slush fund policy is nothing less than Congress taking back its constitutional powers lost over the last eight years. The Executive Branch should never be allowed to circumvent Congress to reward groups simply because they share an agenda with the current administration.”

“There is a reason the Constitution specifically grants Congress the power to appropriate.”

This may be one of the most devastating news liberals have ever gotten. Because what most people don’t know is Obama was using the slush funds to organize protests against Trump and run candidates in local races.


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