Donald Trump’s New Acts Will Ameliorate Obama’s Weak Legacy


Donald Trump‘s office has been trying really hard to repair everything that Obama has broken.

Some changes were already implemented an America is getting back on its feet again.

Obama was useless in carrying out any political plan, and only managed to sink the country lower, so we’re naturally happy to see Trump in charge.
However, certain project changes that Obama implemented will require the Congress’ approval. Still, not all of them are Congress-dependent.
Watch the video below to learn about Trump’s future plans:

From Fox News:

“On his first day of work, for which he arrived Teddy Roosevelt-style on horseback, [Interior Secretary] Zinke ended a ban on lead bullets and fishing tackle on federal lands and water. The ban was imposed to protect animals from lead poisoning, but had been criticized by the National Rifle Association as an attack on gun owners.”

Although his may seem as a small task, it will bring significant improvement in America in due time, especially to those who love their freedom.

Here’s what else is in store:

“Meanwhile, the EPA reportedly is set to reverse an Obama-era decision to lock in strict gas mileage requirements for cars and light trucks through 2025.

These acts are actually, “what White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, at CPAC, dubbed the ‘deconstruction of the administrative state.’”

Wait, there’s more:

“The Washington Examiner reported Monday that Trump also is planning on signing an executive order rolling back Obama’s Clean Power Plan – which requires states to cut greenhouse gas emissions by a third – as well as the Interior Department’s moratorium on coal leases.”

“In another example of agencies taking the lead, Health Secretary Tom Price says his department will go through existing health care regulations and try to ‘get rid’ of those they determine hurt patients, as Republicans push an ObamaCare replacement bill.”

We cannot begin to imagine the misery the Democrats are feeling right now.

All their dark, twisted plans to crush America will be flushed down the toilet as Trump brings revolutionary changes for the better.

If some of these acts require the approval of Congress, Democrats will remain powerless to do anything about it.

What a time to feel alive in America once more!

What do you think about these acts? Will they bring positive outcome?