John Kelly Announces Huge Border-Crossing Illegal Number Drop


According to President Donald Trump, his newest executive order is supposed to eradicate illegal immigrants from stepping onto American soil, and he has done just that.

Now, new statistics has shown that the illegal crossing over the borders dropped by 40 percent since Trump stepped into Office, as per the Department of Homeland Security.

See what happens if laws are followed? Miracles, I tell you!

The number of suspicious entities who have crossed the border has fallen down to staggering 18,762 in February, while it was at 31,578 in January.
DHS Secretary John Kelly issued a statement saying that this is usually the time of year when people crossed over the borders the most.

This slaps every Obama initiation until now right in the face.

Here is what Kelly said,

“Early results show that enforcement matters, deterrence matters, and that comprehensive immigration enforcement can make an impact.”

What do you think of John Kelly’s illegals news?