Tucker Carlson Tonight Is Setting Records For Most-Watched Program


Tucker Carlson has been ‘stealing the spotlight’ recently with his program Tucker Carlson Tonight, which took over for The Kelly File in its time slot at Fox News after traitor Megyn Kelly revealed her real LIBERAL face and made the devastating career choice of following the money and moving to NBC News.

On every episode of his show, Tucker bravely does what other reporters don’t have the courage to do. Each night he invites an extreme liberal Trump basher on his program and challenges them; smartly, systematically confronts them and dismantles their ridiculous way of thinking right to their faces. It has been a bold move that caused many controversy, and Tucker just got some startling news.

According to reports, Carlson outdid himself – accomplishing something that he has never done before and that has almost never happened since introduction of cable television.

Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program did not just top all broadcasts on cable news. Tucker Carlson Tonight just cracked the top 10 most-watched programs among all television broadcasts, including the networks, reports Conservative 101. The episode that was the most responsible for this success was aired on March 2nd. Because of it, Carlson got 3.5 million viewers, achieving the highest ratings for all television programs for that Thursday.

Carlson’s show had shockingly more viewers than the broadcast of NBA basketball. Tucker deserves all the praise for this triumph, but The Hill said that Trump also had something to do with this success, and be thanked for. They wrote,

“With rising interest in the political process, particularly in President Trump and his new administration, cable news programs have been challenging the broadcast news networks on a more regular basis.”

Are you proud of Carlson and President Trump for his record-setting achievement?


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