Young Boy Slams His Liberal Teacher With An EPIC Response!


Among the many crimes, lies and deceives Hillary Clinton and her corrupt ‘gang’ has done, the Benghazi fiasco is probably what she wants to be forgotten the most. Unfortunately for her, we have patriots all across this great nation that will never let her get away with that and we certainly won’t forget.

This kid is a wonderful example of that promise we make to Clinton. His name is Mason and unlike most students his age, he knows his politics and is a conservative ‘to the bone’. And he is not afraid to show it by proudly wearing his awesome anti-Hillary t­-shirt to school.

He has had plenty political conversations (and conflicts) with his teacher, who is a Liberal (surprise). What happened next can only be described as ‘pure awesomeness’.

Mason’s t-shirt said “Hillary for Prison 2016”, and that obviously bothered his liberal, pro-Hilary teacher.

His father explained what happened:

“So…Mason wore his ‘Hillary for Prison 2016’ shirt to school today. One of his Clinton­-supporting teachers whom he’s has political discussions with asked, ‘Did you wear that for me?’

His reply, ‘No, for Chris Stevens.’

Mic drop.”

Mason just lectured everyone how you stand up to liberal indoctrination, often used by teachers.

For those who didn’t know, Christopher Stevens was the U.S. Ambassador to Libya that perished in Benghazi on Hillary Clinton’s watch.

This story originated from a Facebook post, but it’s since been taken down, probably because Mason and his family didn’t want the publicity, reports Yes I’m Right.

The liberals want to scare off people and make them think that it is forbidden to show your conservatism and your political views that are different from theirs.

Mason, we salute you and hope you continue to show what it truly means to be a patriot in the face of all the lies and hate.


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