A new book is among the top of bestsellers on Amazon as of early Friday morning, titled:
Reasons to Vote For Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide” by Micheal J. Knowles editor at Daily Wire.

The Book was published Feb.8 and is described as the “most exhaustively researched and coherently argued Democrat Party apologia to date” and “a political treatise sure to stand the test of time.”
The cover features an image of a Donkey colored by an American Flag reports WP.

“If Democrats copied and pasted the contents of this book into their national platform they could become unstoppable,” read one user review. “Exhaustive, yet concise, treatment of the reasons to vote for Democrats. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it as a teaching tool for any potential voter. This book is truly unparalleled,” read another.

“Riveting from cover to cover,” read a third.

There is a quote from Thucydides and a table of contents with chapters like “Foreign Policy” and “homeland Security” , and after that 260 BLANK PAGES!

The book is listed at $9.99.

“What’s really great about this book, you can go cover-to-cover in about 15, 20 seconds.” Said Knowles on “Fox & Friends” Thursday night.

“It took a very long time to research this book,” he said. “I’ve been observing the Democratic Party for at least 10 years now and when I observed their record and reasons to vote for them — on reasons of economics or foreign policy or homeland security or civil rights and so on — I realized it was probably best to just leave all the pages blank.”

“When I started researching the book and going through this exhaustive study process, at first I turned to the 2012 Democratic National Convention, and it turned out they were deciding whether or not to include God in their party platform,” Knowles said. “And the Democrats booed God. That’s not good. So I decided probably if I’m going to make a good case to vote for Democrats, probably just leave that chapter blank.”

The book seems to be flying off the shelves.