Raving Boycott Organizer Livid When She Finds Out Who Stood Up For Ivanka Trump!


It’s good to be Ivanka Trump.

A month ago an Anti- Trump group “Grab Your Wallet” forced Neiman Marcus to drop Ivanka’s clothing line but now Ivanka is back! Stronger than ever.
The retail jinat started sellling her jewerly line again.

Two of her items, a $4300 ring and a $5,400 ring is backa on the retailer’s website for purchase.
Shanon Coulter – the nutcase that launched the boycot nationwide got so frustrated and bitter. She declared war on Neiman Marcus again.

Ivanka’s clothing line set record sales just as Neiman Marcus was forced to drop her line.
Her perfumes soared to the top of Amazon Bestsellers list.

A vicious backlash erupted, as consumers slammed protesters for targeting Ivanka to retaliate against her dad.

Meanwhile Coulter quit her job and is now a Full-time Troll to Trump’s family.Sad person…