Fifteen Marijuana Plantations of Mexican Illgelas Uncovered in Texas


Donald Trump has stated on numerous occasions that the border closing would be one of the best solutions to keep America safe. Well, he was right!

Happening in East Texas revealed that around 15 marijuana plantations have been discovered recently.

The plantations had around 77,000 plants planted by members of the Mexican Los Zetas drug cartel.

The investigation on this cartel kicked off in 2015 and was known as Operation Joint Venture. This chase involved Smith County, Texas, Sheriff’s Office, the Texas Department of Public Safety and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

Around nine counties were planted with marijuana, and one of them was Smith.

As the authorities confirm, Eduardo Ramirez Pineda was the head of this cartel and his right-hand man was Benito Ramirez.

Now, both of them alongside 11 other members are facing a warrant for participating in narcotic-related operations in Texas.

The majority of these members were Mexicans.

Out of the group, three members have already been arrested, while others were detained for questioning by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

If uncaptured, the members of the cartel would have produced around 169,400 pounds of marijuana, with each pound worth about $600.This would have brought the cartel earnings of $101.6 million.

Donald Trump was actually very smart when he introduced the wall building idea, and now are certain that America needs this. Tons of money are earned on American soil every day by illegals who are involved in shady businesses, which honestly, our country doesn’t need at the moment.

Let’s stick with Trump’s idea and let’s build a wall that will serve America the most.

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