National Security Expert Revealed There Were TWO Investigations Into President Trump


Sara Cater, a National Security correspondent was Sean Hannity’s guest on Fox News and talked about Obama’s wiretapping scandal. What’s more interesting is that she stated that Trump is right! She also revealed that there were not one, but TWO investigations into Trump and his servers while he was running for president, reports Top Secret Leaks.


“John and I spoke to some very senior U.S. officials, they clarified this. They said there was a FISA warrant in October that was looking at the overall Russian hacking investigation, but that the FBI, when they monitored the server at Trump Tower it was actually located away from Trump Tower. It wasn’t under the FISA. They did normal strategic type of FBI investigations that didn’t require the FISA. So they went into the server but they did not use the FISA to do that. They did have a FISA however in October at the exact same time as this investigation,” said Carter.

Hannity then asked whether she is saying that there were two instances of spying. Sara Carter answered,

“Two! Yes! Two instances so this is completely new evidence and remember we all thought and everybody had reported that the server was inside Trump Tower. The server was not located in Trump Tower according to our sources.”

Sean Hannity:

“So what you’re saying is they found no evidence at all whatsoever of any collusion between the campaign and the Russians. True?”

Sara Carter:

“Absolutely true. They found no evidence of that. In fact when we spoke to our sources who had direct access to this investigation what was happening with the FBI, they didn’t even find evidence of collusion with uh Lt. General Mike Flynn which is interesting because even when those leaks came out and they were referring to the Logan Act and everybody saw this as… They thought this was a part of the original investigation into, uhh, Russian hacking and now President Trump. It wasn’t. It was completely different. It was a completely separate incident and the leak came out anyways. It was monitoring of Russian assets.”


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