The FBI Busted For Knowing About Clinton’s Email Scandal


The liberals cannot give up on making Trump look bad. They even implicated the FBI, which now protects them enormously and they are basically untouchable.

This also happened with Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, when everything just evaporated from the case.Clinton lost anyway, but that is not the central point here.

Donald Trump was planning to go through with this case until it is resolved and Clinton is properly charged.

New evidence has come to surface now, in which it is revealed that Clinton did the entire thing with knowing.

Wikileaks released plenty of FBI and CIA documents, in which is also the proof that the FBI admitted that Hillary knew everything she did. 

The FBI document leaked says, The FBI indicated that Clinton was aware of her personal use of a device, email account, and server, did not negate her obligation to preserve federal records.”

Colin Powell was also involved and told Clinton how to get out of the mess without any consequences.

Even with all this in the spotlight, FBI was unwilling to press charges against Clinton.

Oh, how the liberals stick together!

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