Katrina Pierson Will Run Trump’s ‘America first’ Non-Profit Organization


Donald Trump has Katrina Pierson a lot to thank for since she has been one of the most outspoken supporters of the POTUS since his campaign started. However, she has no desire to be part of the White House team.

Pierson’s ambitions led her to run communications for America First Policies. This is one of Trump’s non-profit organizations that will  “support key initiatives and policies of the White House.” The group’s launch was made official on Monday.

This organization kicked off on Monday.

The organization is built much alike Obama’s Organizing for Action and will be in charge of raising money to help get trump re-elected.

“The organization will promote policy, support leaders, coalitions, and other organizations who back America First policies, and communicate directly to citizens – directly challenging the agenda of the liberal and biased media,” America First said.

Pierson is expected to collaborate alongside Brad Parscale, who was responsible for leading the digital efforts when Trump was running during the campaign. The organization will also include remaining Trump and Pence’s staffers.

The majority of non-profit organizations are not revealing their donors, so we have to wait and see what America First decides to do.

Pierson has been confronting Obama numerous times regarding the Afghanistan invasion, putting emphasis on the death of Capt. Humayun Khan in 2004 during the Iraq War. During an appearance on Fox News’ “O’Reilly Factor” in 2015, Pierson asked, “What good does it do to have a good nuclear triad if you’re afraid to use it?”

We all remember when in 2015, Pierson asked, “What good does it do to have a good nuclear triad if you’re afraid to use it?”

Here’s what she also noted:

“I knew that if we were going to defeat Hillary Clinton, it would have to be a candidate that had two qualities,” Pierson said to the Star-Telegram in December. “First, they would have to drop the political correctness. Second, they would have to be able to bypass the mainstream media. In other words, a non-politician. I knew that Donald Trump would be the only candidate that could get the job done. And besides, he’s a winner.”

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