After Converting To Islam, Lindsey Lohan SHOCKS Everyone With THIS Announcement


Lindsay Lohan ruined her career a long time ago, so the only thing she’s gotten attention for lately is her alcohol and drugs problem an getting arrested and in fights with her lovers and such. She obviously felt like she needed more attention, so she decided she’s a Muslim now. Interesting move.

She was spotted holding a Quran back in 2015. She said the book was given to her by a friend but complained about the reaction she got from people in America.

“They crucified me for it in America. They made me seem like Satan. I was a bad person for holding that Quran,” she said.

She even said she felt “unsafe” in the United States.

Lindsay was also posting Arabic quotes to Instagram.

She even wrote a poem about ISIS in January:

“I cannot help but want to fix all of these idle ISIS minds, because, there has to be something I can figure out, rather than living in a world of fear and doubt. They now shoot, we used to shout…”

lilo-isis (1)

So, now, in her attempt of stealing a little moment under the spotlight, she’s going to release a Lindsay Lohan line of hijabs, reports Chicks On The Right.

Feel free to laugh about this for a couple of minutes. If nothing else, it will take your mind off all the other things we’re dealing with at the moment.

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 3.55.11 PM

It will be exciting to see how will the liberals react to this. They will either freak out at her “cultural appropriation,” or glorify her as some sort of brave hero for becoming a Muslim, which – as we all know – is the left’s favorite religion. It will probably be a little bit of both.


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