Ex-Democrat Dennis Kucinich Revealed That Obama Wiretapped Him As Well


When President Donald Trump accused former President Barack Obama of wiretapping him, Democrats and their “journalist” allies immediately lost their minds and were all up in arms to criticize Trump for daring to suggest that Obama had spied on his 2016 campaign.

Of course, President Trump was supported by Republicans, but he was also backed by a seemingly unlikely source — former Ohio Democrat Rep. Dennis Kucinich. A Democratic leader is one of the last people you’d expect to come to Trump’s defense over the wiretapping scandal, but Kucinich made a shocking revelation that he had been also spied on by the Obama administration.

Kucinich recalled how a conversation he had held with a high-ranking Libyan official in 2011 had been recorded and eventually revealed to him by a reporter for The Washington Times in 2015. The conversation was about congressional efforts to deescalate the Obama administration’s military ventures in the North African nation, reports Conservative Tribune.

Here’s Kucinich on Saturday’s edition of “Fox & Friends”:

Kucinich also shared his story of being wiretapped by the Obama administration with Rusty Humphries of “Trending Today USA.”

“When I heard what happened to President Trump, or what he alleged happened, to me it seemed plausible because it happened to me,” said Kucinich. “And it was at a time when I was challenging a march toward war in Libya.”

“My conversation was intercepted, and that is illegal, it’s a violation of separation of powers,” he continued. “Members of Congress have the right under the Constitution to gather information, and the administration had no right to go after my phone conversation.”

Kucinich added that he is sure that it had been the U.S. intelligence community that had recorded the call and eventually leaked it to the media. You can listen to a portion of the former Congressman’s interview with Humphries here:


We have no doubts that Kucinich wasn’t the only Democrat to be spied upon by Obama’s administration. A couple of years ago it was revealed that senior Democrat Sen. Diane Feinstein and the Senate Intelligence Committee had also been under surveillance by the CIA.


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