Rand Paul Slams John McCain For Criticizing President Trump


Ever since Obama left office, John McCain has been playing his ‘spokesman’, trying to fill the role of going overseas and ‘apologizing for America.’ McCain has been going off meeting with foreign leaders, blasting President Trump wherever and whenever he can. However, Senator Rand Paul has had enough of it, so he decided to give the traitor a piece of his mind.

“There’s been a long standing tradition that when you go overseas you don’t toady up to the sort of socialists in Europe and you say, ‘oh they look down their nose at us and they think they’re better than us. He goes over there and criticizes the president,” said Rand Paul in an interview on the “The Mike Gallagher Show”.

“Look I will have disagreements with the president, but I will support him when he’s conservative. I think most of the policies that have come out so far have been conservative policies. It’s the most conservative cabinet in my lifetime. Scott Pruit at the EPA is better than any president — including Reagan — has picked to be head the EPA,” said Paul.

As reported by Conservative 101, Rand Paul explained that he would “support the president when I can because he is of my party, and I’m not going out of the way to pick fights.”

“I have opposed some of the nominees and I will continue to oppose them if I think he’s wrong, but I’m not going to go overseas and bash the president, Republican or Democrat, and play footsies with Europeans,” said Rand Paul.

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