Scott Baio Reveals Obama And Hillary’s Plan To Get People To ‘Resist’ Trump


From day one as a president, and even before that, Donald Trump had a lot to deal with. First, there was the former U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch requesting for “resistance” against President Donald Trump, calling for blood and death on the streets. Watch:

Then, there was this Hillary Clinton video in which she tells people “there’s a lot to fight for” and to “resist” Trump:

Now, Scott Baio is revealing that there are people tweeting about receiving recorded robo calls urging people to “resist” the current President. And the calls come from the former President, Barack Obama.

“My husband got an auto call from Obama telling my husband to resist Trump. Now he tells me he got an auto call from Hillary saying to resist,” wrote one concerned woman.


But that’s not all. As Right Wing News reports, there were several other people who received unwanted, and unwelcomed robo calls as well.


Here’s one:


And there’s also this one:


When you put together all this and the horrible videos of both Lynch and Clinton calling the public to ‘resist’, it’s not a stretch to believe that Obama has been slithering back into the public with calls of opposition.

We need to be by Trump’s side now more than ever, and support his efforts to smash through the bias and hypocrisy of the left’s lap dog media. We should be like Baio, and do our best to keep things in perspective and reveal the truth we all know.

The last eight years have been hell on us, on our economy, on our culture, and on our RIGHTS as citizens. But they’ve come to and end, and we must make sure they never happen again!


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