Sean Hannity Vs Chaz Bono In a Twitter Fight


You are Dumber than dirt and a typical phony Hollywood hypocrite! replied Sean Hannity to Chaz Bono’s referring to Trump supporters as “Putin loving, reality denying traitor and fascists”.
The war on Twitter among Chaz BoNO, the DAUGHTER/SON of Cher, and Hannity erupted after Sean asked if Wikileaks could confirm instances where the CIA used malware to falsely attribute cyber attacks to Russian hackers.

Chaz Bono (born Chastity Bono) underwent female-to-male gender transition sex change surgery between 2008 and 2010. (YouTube)

This question came after Wikileaks dropped a batch of CIA documents showing that the agency can mimic Russian agents using stolen malware.

Bono reacted on twitter by referring to all trump supporters as “traitors” and ” fascists” (Side note: Chaz revealed in a separate tweet that he may have hired illegal aliens as housekeepers. They have since been arrested by ICE.)

Bono apparently was in denial and couldn’t believe that the CIA can plant false flag attacks.

Hannity responded by telling him to  “educate yourself before tweeting insane liberal talking points.”

He even invited Chaz to his show to freely spread his liberal propaganda.

Bono reacted as any typical liberal fool would react, by backing down and saying he “doesn’t play with stupid.”

Hannity then ended him with this  brutal smack-down: “You say you are an ‘actor’ and ‘producer’? I checked your resume, and it’s not that impressive. You started this fight and won’t debate — coward!”

Ouch That  gotta hurt!

Nicely done Hannity!