Ivanka Trump Attends White House Latinas’ Meeting


Aside from our President Donald trump and First Lady, Melania Trump, America can be very grateful to have First Daughter, Ivanka Trump, as a leading model of what a contemporary woman looks like.

Ivanka Trump took the responsibility to attend a roundtable event initiated by the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

The best thing about this is that the majority of people present were actual Hispanics! And the liberals dare to call Trump a failure!

Lili Gil Valletta, who attended the event, stated:

“This is a historic first, making it her first meeting with Latina entrepreneurs. We talked about our businesses, the challenges we face as women and left the door open to jointly collaborate to advance opportunities for all women.”

The head of the HCC is Javier Palomarez, who eas not keen on Trump but is now employed as his unofficial advisor.

Trump just proved to the liberals that race, age, and sex do not matter when it comes to things that boost America’s image and result in prosperity.

How about we get the media to report on this? 

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