Ted Cruz Defended Judge Neil Gorsuch, Destroyed Every Trump Hater In the Congress!


Senator Ted Cruz called out the democrats on their shameless harassing of Judge Neil Gorsuch during the confirmation hearings reports The Blaze.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), pointed out on Monday some of the policies of previous presidents to show the hypocrisy of the questions asked of President Trump’s nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch.

“Some Democrats slandered Judge Gorsuch,” Cruz explained, “as being ‘against the little guy’ because he has dared to rule based on the law, the law that Congress has passed, and not on the specific identity of the specific litigants appearing before him. This is absurd.”

The Senator is right. With no qualification objections to President Trump’s nominee for supreme court of the United States, the only concern to the left is that he won’t rule in the direction they want him to rule.

Although choosing to ignore the constitution they are trying to protect Liberal interests.

Judges and Legislators have a very clear directive laid out for them as Cruz pointed out:

“A judge’s job is not to protect the little guy or the big guy,” Cruz said. “A judge swears an oath to uphold the Constitution and to follow the law fairly and impartially for every litigant, little or big.”

Judge Gorsuch is a strict constitutional originalist. He will probably tell you where you can take your “new interpretations” of the constitution. And this is what bothers the Liberals.