Koch Brothers To Sponsor Republicans Who Oppose Trump’s Healthcare Bill


One of president Donald Trump’s main priorities was to build America and affordable and safe health system that would surpass Obamacare big time.

However, as we no learned, the Koch brothers are giving billions of dollars to whichever republican who will stand up to this and vote ‘no’ regarding the bill.

On Wednesday, Americans for Prosperity and Freedom Partners released a statement about the existence of a “special fund” which would help to gather the ‘No’ votes and shut down the bill.

Trump was never the favorite of the Koch brothers, who have been also on the decay of the Republican party in general.

Since this ‘reward’ cannot be given directly, they are now open to bankrolling the politicians’ next election campaign. Still, they are forgetting that it was the crowd in America that loved Trump and voted him to be president.

Donald Trump has never been more determined to achieve this goal and we are trusting that no bribery or monetary fund will crush his vision for America. It is happening people, so make your peace with it!

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