NFL Agent Reveals Why Colin Kaepernick Can Not Find A Team That Will Have Him


NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick made the headlines last year by refusing to stand up for the national anthem, instead he chose to kneel. Since than his career began to tumble down the big way.
Now that the NFL season is over and the drafting begun he is struggling to find a team that would hire him.

Nobody would hire him, not because his playing abilities , but because nobody wants an ignorant anti-Amercian player in their team.

Kaepernick’s agent went on Dana Loesch’s show and discussed with Lawrence Jonese why he has issues with Keapernick.

Kaepernick’s agent said:

“If you look at it from the outside looking in, I mean that’s what it appears like. I think the situation right now with Colin is that he’s without a job, and I saw an analysis saying that part of it is due to his playing ability, but if you look around the league right now, you see some of these free agent quarterbacks that are being signed with deals, there is absolutely no way that it relates solely to his playing ability.”

Jones then asked Lee if Kaepernick deserve the backlash he got from the Americans”

Lee said that NFL organizations are private companies and have the right to make decisions that will create the best result for their organization. If they feel a player will negatively affect the outcome of their season and choose not to sign them then that is their decision.

Kaepernick knew exactly what he was doing and now he is paying for it. Karma works that way.

If you do not like America , please by all means LEAVE AND NEVER COME BACK!