Sean Spicer Claims CNN Conspired With Hillary Clinton’s Campaign


CNN and other liberal mainstream media keep claiming Trump worked with Russia in order to beat Clinton in the election, but the truth is finally coming out.

During the press briefing at the White House on Thursday, Sean Spicer stated that there is “probably more evidence” about CNN conspiring with Hillary Clinton’s campaign than about Trump having ties with Russia.

Spicer mentioned that CNN claimed to have “anonymous” U.S. official sources that were looking into President Trump’s alleged communications with Russia and its operatives to promote information against Hillary Clinton, reports Angry Patriot Movement.

Spicer stated,

“The last line of the thing said, ‘The FBI cannot yet prove that collusion took place.’”

CNN proved to be nothing but another “fake news” site that is not beyond fabricating information.

On the other side, it is know that Donna Brazile, a former contributor to CNN and the interim DNC chair, leaked interview questions to Hillary Clinton’s campaign prior to the debate with her opponent, Donald J. Trump.

Despite ‘apologizing’ for her that, Brazile was let go from CNN, but the funny thing is that she blamed some obscure “Russian hackers” for the knowledge reaching the American public. So, instead of focusing on the fact that she was providing Clinton leverage in debates, liberals tried to divert the attention towards “hackers” from Russia.

This is obviously a pattern the liberals keep following, but the American people are finally seeing through it. We all learned that when liberals are being accused of doing something wrong or questionable, they distract from it with Russian finger-pointing!


Sean Spicer needs to be listened to — he is telling the truth about the liberal media, especially CNN, who worked with Hillary Clinton to try to get her elected. It’s not Russia that influenced the election. It was the liberal mainstream media, and they keep trying to manipulate the American public!


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