Recent security breaches have sparked questions whether or not the United States Secret is doing it’s best to protect the President.

On March 10th, an intruder jumped the fence on the White House, almost making to the President before he was caught. This is one of the may incidents since trump is the President.

The Secret Service had many incidents the past few years tarnishing its public image.

It’s more than clear that the Service needs a new firmer leadership, and with Trump leading there are going to be many changes, and soon.

The Patriotcrier reports that the Secret Service is going to be run by a new military man.

John Kelly a retired Marine General and former head of U.S. Central Command is going to name a senior armed forces as the top man at the Agency.

The agency needs some rigorous discipline to get their morals up and recover from all those incidents that happened so far.

Trump  has shown willingness to appoint a high ranking military man for that position.

Kelly himself is a retired three-star general. And James Mattis, the secretary of Defense, is a retired four-star Marine.

Recently the Secret Service was denied a request of additional $60 million in funding.

Since President Trump took office the has been travelling a lot , held campaign -style rallies and all of that needs the Secret service in top shape. Hopefully the shake up will be what it needs to get the house in order.