Black Students Come Up With Ridiculous Demands At Uni


The only thing that Obama left after 8 years of terrorizing the country  is elevated race tensions. White people are constantly being bullied by liberals and are portrayed as Satan himself just because they’re white. Liberals constantly ask for notoriously stupid things like apologizing for slavery, blaming them for “white privilege” (which obviously exist only in their sick minds), etc. They went so far that no they try to bring segregation back, failing to realize the irony behind their attempts.

The latest ‘victim’ of the liberal’s political correctness is Harvard University. Its officials made an announcement last week that the university will hold a a separate graduation ceremony for their black students while claiming that it has “nothing to do with segregation”. Oh, the irony… THE IRONY! It literally hurts how incredibly STUPID it is.

What’s worse, other universities accept this idea, and now black students at the American University in Washington, D.C. demand  extension on their final exams because they are black and deserve it, AND a “sanctuary for people of color” at the local cafe on campus where white people would be banned from eating there.


“There’s nothing more important, in terms of my administration, than being a multicultural campus,” said Scott Bass.

And because of a recent incident that involved bananas, that was later declared as a hate crime, white students will be punished, and banned from the “sanctuary” meant for the black students.

Poor Martin Luther King is turning in his grave. They literally pissed on everything he fought and stood for. All thanks to liberal special snowflakes that fed their cancerous ideas to the black students.

Protesters said they would “occupy all space” and not leave until all demands were met. Freshman Jaha Knight read their list of demands

“These are the things that we have demanded from the University because of the oppression and discrimination and the hate we have faced, not just in these current events, but every day on this campus,” Knight said.



“Nooses are enough. And we need to be tired.”
“We need to be tired and we need to know that we are valued and that we value ourselves enough to stand up for this,” sophomore and Black Student Alliance president Ma’at Sargeant said at the demonstration.

Students chanted, “This tunnel is closed!” and “Call Kerwin!”

“Do I not pay? Do I not pay for tuition?”
“Do I come here and try as best as possible to ignore these racist ass white people? To ignore the microaggressions every single day?” junior Romayit Cherinet said to the crowd.



“There are a number of things that we can do in the administration, both in terms of the curriculum, in terms of the faculty, in terms of the kinds of centers that exist on campus,” Bass said.

According to Scott Bass, signed a contract with Ibram X. Kendi, an author and historian at the University of Florida, in order to establish anti-racism center at AU. Kendi is the author of the New York Times best-selling book, “Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America.”

“There’s nothing more important, in terms of my administration, than being a multicultural campus,” Bass told the crowd.


“We are interested in getting to the bottom of the issue, and the sooner we can do that, the better, but I will also say that that doesn’t stop our commitment to do more. This is just a minimum…This is not just one incident. It’s a deeper issue in our community,” Bass said.



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