Cher Tries To Backlash The First Family, Doesn’t Get The Response She Expects


Being the First family means that all eyes will be on you. It is an inevitable part of the job, and the Trump family got quite a big of a spotlight on them.

The whole Trump family shows strong bonds between the members. The siblings show immense respect between each other, no matter whether they share the same mother or not, and that’s a sign of good parenting. But, liberals will do anything to try and find even the slightest meaningless thing that will give them fuel to backlash the Trumps. And if they don’t find what they’re looking for, they will just make up something.

Everyone has to say something about the family, and that includes celebrities as well. One of them is former singer Cher. Even though her glory days are over, she still tries to make her way to the public.  Having bunch of personal family problems on her hand, she thought it is a good idea to comment on how the First family should function. According to her, all of them are unhappy, Melania doesn’t want to be Trump’s wife, and that Trump doesn’t love his youngest son Baron. But, such ridiculous claims shouldn’t concern the First family, as they are all made up in the sick heads of the liberals.

As Blasting News reports, Melania strongly opposes and tries to fight cyber-bullying, but her campaign hadn’t moved forward because of the backlashes she got with people claiming that her husband is the biggest bully there is.

Cher didn’t directly attacked the First family, but expressed how sorry she feels for the president’s wife. According to the former star, Melania is unhappily married to Trump.

Ridiculous! Who can know what is exactly happening behind cameras?

Melania has told the media many times that President Trump and Baron do spend a lot of time together as a father and son, and that due to the responsibilities he has, he is making the most of it. Trump had been photographed with Baron playing golf many times or riding in a Rolls Royce. As Melania states, Baron is a spitting image of his father, always dressing formal wear like his father, meaning that he sees his father as a role model and that shows that both of them do have a father-son bond.

It is normal that the First couple has their good days and bad days. That’s how marriage works, that’s how relationships work. Everything has ups and downs and we’re sure that their marriage isn’t immune to it. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t love each other.


Here’s a video where Melania tells how she met Trump:


Melania didn’t dignify Cher with a response because she is a classy First lady that couldn’t be bothered with such nonsense.

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