Gowdy Just Asked Obama And Hillary The Most Dreaded Question


Trey Gowdy showed his genius side once again! Man, I feel sorry for anyone who dares to commit a felony and get Dowdy to be ther prosecutor.

Just imagine committing a crime and you are hoping that you will get a bad prosecutor, so you start to calming yourself down, when BAM! Trey Gowdy enters the room! Imagine the horror!

God knows how many criminals got thrown in jail for good thanks to Gowdy. God bless him for keeping our country safe and clean!

The next criminal on his list is liberals’ beloved Hillary Clinton, one of the biggest criminals in our country, and oh boy, am I happy not to be in her skin.

During a routine interview on Fox News, Trey dropped a huge bombshell revealing some serious wrongdoing at the DNC.

Being the amazing prosecutor he is, it only took him one question to do it! The question Hillary and Obama are mortified to answer.

When Martha MacCallum asked Trey about Jeh Johnson’s testimony yesterday about the election hacking, Trey responded:


“I was interested in what the Obama administration knew and when and what efforts they took to thwart the Russians, or to notify potential victims. You just played a clip where we had a victim, the DNC. Not only did they not cooperate with Jeh Johnson, they didn’t turn the server over to the FBI, I think it is a little ironic to now criticize, some Democrats are, Jeh Johnson and Jim Comey and others for not giving enough in 2016, when you had a really good piece of evidence you didn’t bother to turn over.”

And here is the question that will utterly destroy these criminals:

“Let me hazard a wild guess. There may be something else on that server they didn’t want law enforcement to see? That is where you start. I don’t like speculating, but I have dealt in the past with victims that would not cooperate with investigations. Typically, the reason is, there is something else you don’t want law enforcement to see.”

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