Maxine Waters Attacks Ivanka Trump


When President Donald Trump gave Ivanka an official unpaid White House job, democrats and liberals didn’t waste a second to criticize his decision. We can’t understand why it bothers them so much since she isn’t getting paid for her job. Plus, she’s only helping to make America a better country – for free! 

But, this kind of behavior isn’t surprising because they still can’t get over the fact that their presidential candidate had a bitter loss at the elections.

One of the democrats that is very loud when it comes to bashing president Trump is Maxine Waters. She always attacks the president without having any facts or evidence to back up her claims. Now, her latest pray is Ivanka Trump

She cared very little to create jobs in her area. She claims to be all for job creation expect for when she is the one that has to work.

Speaking of creating jobs, it was no probe for her to give her daughter a pretty high paying job.

Maxine’s daughter responsibility is to keep the election cycle for her mother going. To put it in simple words, she is in charge of mailing stuff to residence and asking them for money.

How heavy is her paycheck, you ask? Well, it has been reported that Karen Walters, Maxine’s lovely daughter, has received close to $750,000 since she began her job.

Yet Maxine has the audacity to attack the President for giving an  unpaid job to his daughter.  Is this woman for real?

Liberals reek of desperation. One can never know what or who will they attack next.

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