Eric Bolling Calls Out Mayor De Blasio For Disrespecting Police Officers


New York City’s far-left mayor Bill de Blasio enraged many Americans by actively disrespecting the men and women in blue who risk their lives to keep his city safe and operational.

De Blasio has openly supported the Black Lives Matter movement, which has been targeting law enforcement officers. As part of his duty as mayor, de Blasio was expected to pay his respects for the police by being present for the recent swearing-in ceremony for the New York Police Department, especially since it occurred the day following the assassination of a policeman, reports Conservative 101.

Instead, de Blasio decided to take a trip funded by American taxpayers to fly to Hamburg, Germany on the G20 Summit and protest against capitalism.

Fox Newst host Eric Bolling minced no words when he called Mayor de Blasio out for his actions.

“Stop flattering yourself, Bill. You’re not a social justice warrior,” Bolling said, “you’re a despicable, self-dealing clown who traveled to Germany to feed your need for cameras and microphones.”

Bolling called him a “disrespectful SOB of a mayor” and said this isn’t the first time he’s been “disrespecting law enforcement,” bringing up previous tensions between the mayor and the NYPD. De Blasio’s disrespect for our police is not unnoticed, and that was made clear when officers turned their backs to him at funerals for their fallen comrades Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos.

“I pray your liberal pals recognize the hole in your soul and never vote for you for anything other than lamest human being on the planet,” the host said.
“Don’t come back, de Blasio. Don’t come back,” Bolling concluded, referencing the New York Post headline which he said “speaks for millions of Americans.”



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