First Protester From Trump’s Inauguration Sentenced To Four Months In Jail


Remember those liberal protesters on Trump’s inauguration, who thought they would stop him from becoming president by spreading chaos and violence on the streets of America? Well, justice has just been served, and the first protester has been sentenced to four months in jail.

His name is Dane Powell, and besides those four months, he also got two months of probation after being convicted of a felony rioting charge and assaulting a police officer during the President’s inaugural ceremonies in Washington.

Powell, who faced 14 charges, pleaded guilty to charges of felony rioting and felony assault on a police officer, reports Young Conservatives.

He told prosecutors he broke windows and threw “a brick, large rock, or piece of concrete at uniformed law enforcement.” The U.S. attorney’s office for D.C. said in a statement that Powell “admitted being part of a group of rioters who moved approximately 16 blocks over a period of more than 30 minutes.”

“The group formed a ‘black bloc’ in which individual defendants wore black or dark colored clothing, gloves, scarves, sunglasses, ski masks, gas masks, goggles, helmets, hoodies, and other face-concealing and face-protecting items to conceal their identities in an effort to prevent law enforcement from being able to identify the individual perpetrators of violence or property damage. Some of the members of the black bloc were armed with hammers, crowbars, wooden sticks, and other weapons.”

As expected, Powell’s sentencing couldn’t go without a group of activists who tried to portray him as a hero. There was even a video circulating of Powell carrying a child to “safety,” out of the line of law enforcement pepper spray.

Here’s the clip:

First of all, bringing a kid to a riot is a problem by itself. Second, there wouldn’t be any need for the police officers to use pepper spray if it weren’t for these ‘activists’ like Powell throwing bricks through windows and attacking law enforcement.


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