Ohio House Approves Bill Banning Workers’ Comp Benefits For Undocumented Workers

(COLLECTIVE3 ROWLAND SQUILLANTE 3/2/2011) Republican Ohio Senator Bill Seitz explains why he will vote no on Senate Bill 5 on the Senate floor March 2, 2011. The bill passed. (Columbus Dispatch photo by Fred Squillante)

The Ohio House has approved a bill that bans undocumented workers from receiving workers’ compensation benefits.

Host Andy Chow from Ohio Public Radio reports that Democratic Representative Dan Ramos of Lorain argued that stripping workers’ comp benefits from undocumented workers would encourage bad employer practices. Ramos said:

“If the workplace is unsafe for one employee, regardless of their status or documentation, it’s unsafe for all employees. It is unsafe period.”


However, Republican Representative Bill Seitz of Cincinnati argued that if employers knowingly hire an undocumented worker they would be subject to a lawsuit. He said:

“The employer gets victimized twice. First he’s been deceived by the employee for turning in forged papers and then to add insult onto injury he gets to turn around and pay the medical bill for the illegal alien that deceived the employer in the first place.”


The final decision will be made by the Senate, after the measure is moved from the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation budget bill.


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