President Trump Revokes Obama Amnesty Program For Illegal Aliens


Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly announced Thursday that former president Barack Obama’s illegal alien amnesty program will be revoked right away.

The program was supposed to be a companion to the “Dream Act,” or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which stalled deportation for foreign children who were brought into the country illegally and granted them two-year work permits. It was implemented by executive action in November 2014.

However, things didn’t go as planned with the program as it went into limbo after several states sued the government, saying that Obama had overstepped his constitutional authority and was illegally implementing “back-door amnesty.” The program was halted by a federal judge in Texas in February 2015.

The announcement that was made by Kelly included the information that the program was revoked because “there is no credible path forward to litigate the currently enjoined policy.” The statement continued:

“Prior to implementation of DAPA, 26 states challenged the policies established in the DAPA memorandum in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas. The district court enjoined implementation of the DAPA memorandum, the United States Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit affirmed the district court’s decision, and the Supreme Court allowed the district court’s injunction to remain in place.”


President Donald Trump’s administration hinted that they are considering overturning Obama’s first amnesty order, which was a major promise of the Trump campaign in 2016. Before taking office, Trump said that “Dream Act” recipients should be treated “with a heart,” but illegal immigrant advocates have noted that immigration officials have been picking up “DREAMers” for deportation. 

The revocation of DAPA amnesty by the Trump administration comes on the five-year anniversary of the implementation of the DACA amnesty order by the Obama administration in 2012.

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