Trump Closing In On Soros Groups By Appointing Head Of USCIS


Someone whose ultimate goal is the destruction of America cannot call himself a patriot.

Now, President Trump is going after those fake patriots, so he appointed Lee Francis Cissna to run the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), causing ProPublica, a George Soros-backed media organization, to completely lose their minds.

Apparently, enforcing existing immigration laws and appointing a person with experience in immigration policy to head the USCIS is something liberals can’t accept. That’s why they keep targeting and attacking President Trump for his decision.

ProPublica also criticized the order issued by Trump which instructs Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to do their jobs.

In particular, the media group is expressing outrage over an order issued by Matthew Albanese, the head of Enforcement and Removal Operations division, instructing his 5,700 deportation officers to deport illegal immigrants.

The memo reads, “effective immediately, ERO officers will take enforcement action against all removable aliens encountered in the course of their duties.”

ProPublica apparently has problems with ICE going beyond the original order issued by President Trump tasking immigration officials with rooting out criminal aliens.

Liberal snowflakes must understand that, while illegal aliens with criminal records should be ICE’s first priority, all illegals have violated the law by coming into this country.

Everyone knows George Soros – the megalomaniac billionaire who disguises himself as a caring progressive. The former Nazi and hedge fund director makes his money by betting against thriving economies before attempting to undermine them. Soros made his biggest score when he “broke” the Bank of England in 1992, generating over £1.5 billion, and that’s exactly what he’s trying to do in America. He has made a $55 billion bet in the hopes that the American economy would fail. To ensure his win, Soros funds politicians and organizations that undermine the fabric of American society.

This is why he spent over $10 million financing the Hillary Clinton election campaign and other anti-American propaganda networks like ProPublica, reports Angry Patriot Movement.


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