Senator Cruz Introduces Bill To Reveal and Publish Info on Terrorists Released From Gitmo


Guantanamo Bay is very important as one of the most vicious criminals and terrorist serve their sentence there.

Obama put great efforts to release these animals, and until recently, he managed to free 80% of these terrorists, allowing them to return to jihad.

Thanks to Republican Senator Ted Cruz, we will soon learn all of Obama’s involvements regarding this matter as Cruz will release information about the Guantanamo Bay detainees President Barack Obama has transferred since Nov. 8.

This is what Cruz stated:

“Even though the American people rightly rejected President Obama’s dangerous plan to completely empty the Guantanamo detention facility, he is still irresponsibly working to release as many terrorists as possible before he leaves office. President Obama’s push to empty GTMO is reckless, and the American people should be made aware of the past terrorist activities committed by the individuals detained there.”

Here’s part of the information that has come out regarding Obama:

“Some of the recommended transfers have also vowed to return to jihad if they are ever released, according to reports from US military officials. They have also threatened to assassinate the U.S. president, kill American citizens, and attack other world leaders who are allied with the West.
Muieen Abdal Sattar, an accused al Qaeda member who fought in Tora Bora, has been at Guantanamo for 14 years and 11 months. While there he has ‘incited mass disturbances, assaulted and threatened to kill [Gitmo] personnel and made motivational speeches to ‘fight against infidels’ and to kill all Americans to include men, women, children, and babies,’ according to US military officials.”

Watch the video here:

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