President TRUMP Just Ended Obama Extortion of Harley Davidson


Several Harley Davidson executives visited President Donald Trump at the White House back in February this year. President Trump applauded the company for building in America.


This week, President Trump’s administration made a decision to end Obama’s extortion of Harley Davidson, which means the company will no longer need to pay millions to pet projects studying wood-fired burning stoves.

According to reports, Harley Davidson payed the US government  $15 million for selling devices that shut down its motorcycles’ emissions controls. The money was supposed to go towards a project to reduce pollution from wood-fired stoves.

What the Trump administration did was release the company for paying for the antipollution program, knocking $3 million off the company’s bill.

This decision came after Attorney General Jeff Sessions said last month that he would stop the practice under which polluters could be compelled to pay for environmental or community projects, in addition to fines and direct compensation to victims.

To settle claims from the Gulf oil spill, for example, BP was required to spend billions on coastal restoration projects that didn’t directly relate to the spill damage. There were a lot of critics of this practice that said it effectively creates “slush funds” for favored organizations or causes.


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