Singer Makes ABSURD CLAIM Feeling Unsafe in Trump’s America, What She Said About the Flag is SICK


Singer Lana Del Ray has joined the ‘anti-Trump’ team with her absurd claim that she feels unsafe in “Trump’s America.”

The liberal crybaby said that she is so traumatized with our new president that she can’t bear looking at our country’s flag any longer.

Lana has often used the American flag as a display in her performances, but now she strictly forbids it, even demanding that the red, white, and blue symbol of our freedom be removed from her concerts and performances, reports Eagle Rising.


“It’s certainly uncomfortable,” the 32-year-old singer said in an interview.
“I definitely changed my visuals on my tour videos. I’m not going to have the American flag waving while I’m singing ‘Born to Die.’ It’s not going to happen.”
“I’d rather have static,” she added.
“It’s a transitional period, and I’m super aware of that. I think it would be inappropriate to be in France with an American flag. It would feel weird to me now — it didn’t feel weird in 2013.”

Honestly, we couldn’t care less about how she performs her shows. It’s her music, her material, her performance – that’s up to her.

But we sure won’t tolerate this “I don’t feel safe in America anymore, so I won’t fly the flag”crap.

Looks like Lana is about to have some reality smack in the face, because if she feels unsafe in the safest country in the world, then she’s up for a big surprise anywhere else she decides to go. This clueless snowflake surely would not like to live in a Middle Eastern country. Does she realize what people out there do to women like her?

But again – it’s her decision. If she doesn’t like America, then she should leave. Simple as that.


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