Transgenders Will Get ‘Womb Transplants’ Very Soon – Should Taxpayers Have To Pay?


Leftist liberals have gone crazy and their fetishization of the transgender issue proves it. They have been forcing us to deny biological reality or face ostracism from society.

Liberals are now saying that everyone who critiques transgenderism is a bigot or a hater. It almost seems like transgender propaganda has replaced gay marriage with shocking speed as the top social issue of the day.

According to reports, leading doctors are backing NHS-funded womb transplants for biological males who identify as women, a procedure which experts say will be possible within 10 years.

The doctors have been investigating at the University of Gothenburg. After concluding that such a surgery is possible, leftist from the UK are demanding the NHS pay for womb transplants for male-born transgender people.




Consultant Gynaecologist Dr. Arianna D’Angelo, of the NHS’s Wales Fertility Institute, has said that the surgery is right from an “ethical point of view.” She said:

“We already have fertility preservation for transgender people, to give them the possibility to have their own genetic child.So I don’t see much of a difference between that and actually delivering their own child.”


Dr. Francoise Shelfield, who is a clinical lecturer in obstetrics and gynecology at University College London and has treated infertile NHS patients for 30 years, added her support by saying:

“If we are saying we should have equality and we have legislation [defending the rights of transgender people], I do not see why not.”


In our opinion, people don’t have an inherent right to claim they’re being treated unequally simply because they’re one sex but want to be another. It’s like a fat person claiming discrimination because there are people skinnier than them. It’s just wrong.

The left might try and push this to be accepted, but we need to open our eyes right away and do everything we can to put a stop to this.


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