BIZZARE: U.S Military Release Convicted Al Qaeda Operative From Gitmo, What Happens Next Is UNHEARD OF


Recently, the U.S. Military Commission held a lengthy hearing at the Fort Belvoir Army base in Virginia. The purpose of the hearing was to determine the faith of a a convicted Al Qaeda operative.

According to reports,  Ibrahim Ahmed Mahmoud al Qosi is a convicted terrorist who rejoined the terrorist group Al Qaeda after the Obama administration released him from Guantanamo. If found, the terrorist could face many years in prison. But, some non-governmental organizations, like Judicial Watch, were approved by the Pentagon to cover the absurd proceeding.

Al Qosi is a Sudanese national who spent more than eight years at the U.S. military compound in southeast Cuba with 9/11 masterminds Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Ramzi Binalshibh, Ali Abdul Aziz Ali and Mustafa Ahmed Adam al Hawsawi.

Al Qosi was convicted of 14 years prison after he pleaded guilty to conspiring with Al Qaeda, but he was transferred back to Sudan after only two years. Since than, he has joined Al Qaeda once again.

US official consider Al Qosi to be very dangerous. His DOD file reads:

“Detainee is an admitted al-Qaida operative and one of Usama Bin Laden’s (UBL) most trusted associates and veteran bodyguard. Detainee was the accountant for UBL’s Taba Investment Company (TIC) in Sudan, which provided financial and logistical services for UBL and al-Qaida. Detainee served as a treasurer and courier for TIC. Detainee is associated with senior al-Qaida members and received advanced training. Detainee participated in hostilities against US and Coalition forces at Tora Bora, AF. Detainee is an admitted veteran jihadist with combat experience beginning in 1990 and it is assessed he would engage in hostilities against US forces, if released.”


In addition to Al Qosi’s case, Judicial Watch has covered all  9/11 trials and hearings as well as those of other terrorists, including Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, who orchestrated the 2000 attack on the Navy destroyer USS Cole that killed 17 American sailors and injured dozens of others.


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