President Trump Just Got The Green Light! It’s Happening!


This Monday, a federal judge allowed President Trump’s voter investigation commission to request voter data from the U.S. states. This comes as a setback for the groups who considered that such a thing would infringe on privacy rights.

The judge has ruled against the lawsuit by the Electronic Privacy Information Center, because he believes the collection of data by the commission was not technically an action by a government agency so was not bound by laws that govern what such entities can do.

Washington-based U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly added that the commission is only an advisory body that does not have legal authority to compel states to hand over the data.

Still, many state officials who oversee elections and election law experts don’t believe there is voter fraud in the United States.

President Trump set the commission by executive order in May earlier this year. The commission helped him to charge without evidence that millions voted unlawfully in the November presidential election. In the election last year, Trump won the Electoral College, but lost the popular vote to his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton.



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