Fed-Up Driver RUNS OVER Obnoxious Rioters Blocking the Freeway


Apparently, liberals have problem with Columbus Day being named like that. That’s why, when this holiday rolls around, the snowflakes launch protests all over the U.S., demanding that the name of the holiday be changed to Indigenous People’s Day.

Last year was no excuse. During Columbus Day festivities, liberals in northern Nevada decided to block traffic on a busy street to ‘express’ their discontent.

However, soon enough they realized that they’d picked the wrong method of protesting…

The video below shows a fed-up driver waiting for the protesters to move out of his way. The protesters did not only refuse to do so, but also threatened to assault the driver, reports Patriot Beacon. At one point the man lost his patience with the liberal nitwits, so he stepped on the gas and plowed right through the protest, making the protesters run for their lives.


People who saw the video supported the action. Their reactions have been overwhelmingly in the driver’s favor, with patriots speaking out in the comments section to praise him for his actions.

“I stopped feeling bad as soon as I heard ‘I’ll rip you out of that truck, you little f***,’” one user wrote. “At that point, threats are made against the driver and he did what he had to do to get out of a potentially harmful situation. Don’t protest in the middle of the street, and then threaten people in vehicles wanting to get through. No sympathy for any of these dumb people in the road.”
“Blocking the street is one thing.. Threatening those you are blocking is another! Including a couple felonies…”
“If you’re stupid enough to stand in traffic you’re going to get hit by a car.”


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