Somali Muslim In Minnesota Just Went On T.V. To Say They Can Kill Anyone They Want – BIG Mistake


A Somali Muslim immigrant police officer shot and killed an unarmed white woman in cold blood last weekend, leaving the entire country in shock and disbelief. Still pushing their ridiculous narrative about Muslims being ‘peaceful and tolerant’, the mainstream media refuses to cover this story adequately and liberal politicians around the country are still claiming that Islam is a religion of peace.

However, Somali migrants in Minnesota just admitted that they can kill Americans anytime they want, citing the most horrifying reason why.

Ami Horowitz is an amazing filmmaker who exposed the terrifying truth of the “no-go zones” in Sweden in one of his recent documentary films.

Now, Horowitz has hit the streets of Minnesota and what he discovered was chilling.

The documentary shows Horowitz walking the streets of Cedar Riverside neighborhood in Minneapolis, MN where he spoke a number of Somali Muslim migrants, asking them about how they felt about living in America, and if they wanted to go back to Somalia. Horowitz also asked these Somali migrants if they would rather live under Sharia law or American laws, reports Freedom Daily.

The filmmaker who is known to push the boundaries, asked these “peaceful” Muslims if it was alright to use violence against someone who disparaged or insulted Mohammed.

Every one of those Muslims said that it was perfectly acceptable to use violence or kill someone who mocked Mohammed.


For too long these Muslims have flooded into the country and have been allowed to use our very own laws against us to continue their jihad. But no more. Thanks to President Trump and other strong conservative leaders we are pushing back against this and will put an end to this insanity.


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