After Attacking Trump Trans Ban,LADY GAGA Has Bad Encounter With Iraq Vet


Lady Gaga tweeted  President Donald Trump about his announcement that he wants to ban transgenders from serving in the military, but got a reality call then Iraq War veteran J.R. went against her.

On Wednesday, the president revealed his decision to ban those who identify as transgender from serving in any capacity in our armed forces. Many went on to comment about the decision and one of them was famous singer Lady Gaga.


Because liberals always support each other, Gaga’s tweet was retweeted thousands of times and had over 41,000 “loves.” She was right about the fact 45 percent of 18-24 year old transgender people indeed have attempted suicide.

But, her logic didn’t seem quite right. So, Salzman went on to comment this:

“So your solution is to give them a weapon, and send them off into combat where lives depend on mental and emotional stability under stress?”


After seeing this, we bet Gaga was sorry she ever retweeted the president. She pointed out that those who identify as transgender are more likely to have a slew of emotional and mental problems.

David French from The National Review commented:

“The military has to make hard choices on the basis of odds, probabilities, and centuries of hard-earned experience. Our national existence — ultimately, our very civilization — depends on getting those answers right.”



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