Trump’s NEW AIR FORCE ONE Just Came In, Look What Everyone Noticed That’s VERY Different


When Obama’s days in the White House come to an end, his contract with Air Force One was also up. That gave the new president, Donald Trump, the opportunity to step in and not only renegotiate the exorbitant costs of the aircraft, which were much higher than necessary, but to also take advantage of the renegotiation and make some changes to the new design that were desperately needed.

Being the president of the greatest nation in the world, Trump is facing many threats every day. That’s why the vehicles that transport our President must be specially equipped and designed to protect him against all sorts of angry idiots and imbeciles who will stop at nothing to harm him. This was one of the reasons why Trump, while renegotiating the production cost of the new Air Force One, didn’t hold back on details, reports Federalist Tribune. Of course, he will not be the only one to benefit from them, but also many future leaders who will come after him.

President Trump even managed to get an Air Force One that in a way matches the Trump Tower in Manhattan.

Shortly put, the new Air Force One looks more like a five-star hotel than it does on a flying beast. Here are a few pictures:

Image result for Look At President Trump’s New Air Force One

Image result for Look At President Trump’s New Air Force One

As the photos show, the accommodations are basically fit for a king or queen, and President Trump sure knows how to negotiate and make it cost less but to make the results still be spectacular. What makes us even happier is that he is the one sitting in that majestic
plane – the leader America has needed for a long time now.

Image result for Look At President Trump’s New Air Force One

The Air Force One looks gorgeous and worth every penny.

But of course, we don’t expect liberals to admit this. We’re pretty sure that they will soon start complaining about how Trump spent too much for his own protection. The reality is – if they stop creating chaos and violence all across America, he wouldn’t need that much protection to begin with.


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