BlackLivesMatter Activists Who Lied About Being Attacked Are FINALLY In Court! The Verdict…OMG!


Racism and hatred just faced a major loss in the state of New York, and Americans can’t stop cheering.

As previously reported, students in New York state cried about being assaulted by 10-12 white people while on a bus. They accused the attack for being racially charged. What these thugs didn’t expect was when the videos of the incident came out, and showing that they were the ones assaulting everyone else. Now, they’re facing justice in court.

Three student of University at Albany who claimed they were victims of a racial attack on a bus last month have been charged with assault as prosecutors said they were actually the aggressors.

Alexis Briggs, Ariel Agudio and Asha Burwell, all 20 years old, appeared at Albany City Criminal Court for their arraignment.

“The evidence indicates they were actually the aggressors in the physical altercation, and that they continued to assault the victim despite the efforts of several passengers to stop them,” police said in a statement.

One of them, Agudio, also faces counts of attempted assault, harassment and criminal mischief. The false reporting charges are a result of the 911 phone calls she and Agudio made after the incident.

Burwell has also been charged with harassment, reports Yes I’m Right.

In today’s overly politically correct world, stories like this bring a little bit of faith about the future. So many people, no matter the race, are trying to abuse their situation and the judicial system by simply throwing the word ‘racist’ at everyone. Thankfully, this time justice has been served and will hopefully serve as an example to others who don’t even consider the circumstances before accusing others of something they did not do at all.

People should finally learn not to judge until all the facts are in!


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