WATCH: Special Counsel Mueller Busted In Corrupt Lie That Cost People Their Lives


More and more ‘dirt’ from special counsel Robert Mueller’s past is being dug out, making American people realize that he is far from an independent and unbiased investigator.

In February 2003, thenFBI Director Robert Mueller testified before Congress and said that Baghdad had refused to dismantle its WMD program. With that statement, Mueller helped push the US into an unnecessary war with Iraq.

Mueller shows perfectly how the cozy relationship between so-called “conservatives” and their Democratic peers in Washington, D.C. work.

While serving the Bush administration, Mueller not only lent his voice to the WMD lie, but he also instructed the FBI to illegal spy on certain anti-war protests and pacifist organizations in 2002, then lied to Congress about his participation.

It has been speculated that Mueller and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein have been hired for the explicit purpose of undermining the Trump administration and bringing the Democrats back into power in Congress in 2018.

Those two are seen as “errand boys” for the neoconservatives in Washington who have long despised President Trump, his agenda, and his foreign policy.

Also, it’s no secret that Mueller ‘filled’ his investigative body with many well-known donors to the Democratic Party.

As many as half of Mueller’s team have donated over one thousand dollars to Democrats. One of them, Jeannie Rhee, not only donated $5,400 to Clinton’s 2016 campaign, but also provided her legal services to the Clinton Foundation, reports Angry Patriot Movement.

Considering his warm relationships with Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans, no wonder the mainstream media likes him. This man is the furthest thing from “independent.”

Robert Mueller is nothing but another swamp creature whose job is to undermine a democratically elected executive based on false charges, and he needs to be stopped immediately!


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