DISGUSTING: Thousands of Illegals Strip Naked, Take Over NYC


Times Square in New York City was flooded with naked street performers. Many of them were illegal aliens.

As Fox News reports, topless females and filthy costumed characters turned the Times Square in an anti-family zone. The naked women even harassed tourists.

“I told you, if you don’t have a tip, then f*** off,” one woman told a reporter.

The costumed characters were grabbing grandmas and demanding cash for photos.

“I just encountered that with Cookie Monster. I didn’t want to get a photo, and he or she or whoever it was, they were very aggressive with me,”one Alabama tourist said.

The police stated that there’s nothing they can do as many of them are illegal aliens. Let us remind you that Mayor Bill de Blasio has turned New York City into a sanctuary city.

De Balsio included an additional $16.4 million for immigrant legal services as part of his $84.86 billion executive financial plan for Fiscal Year 2018. The mentioned sum of money will be used for paying legal representation for the city’s immigrant residents, including undocumented immigrants who are fighting deportation and immigration charges.

“We will not back down in the face of Trump’s anti-immigrant policies. We will remain welcoming to immigrant communities, whose contributions have helped make New York the greatest and safest city in the world,” de Blasio said in a statement.

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