VIDEO: Muslims GO CRAZY – ATTACK Christians With Rocks… In Michigan!


There was a Muslim festival in Michigan and according to reports, many Muslims and Christians fought and went to the infamous “no-go zones”.

During a Muslim festival in Dearborn, Michigan a Muslim man attacked a group of Christians who were peacefully demonstrating and protesting, opposing their right to peacefully assemble.

Because of this, the Christian group filed a complaint with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit regarding the incident citing a First Amendment infringement.


Rubin Israel, the group’s leader, said in a statement that they had every right to protest the annual Arab International Festival. The group wasn’t so shocked by the attack, but by the fact law enforcement did nothing when the Muslims started throwing rocks and bottles at the group.

As an additional shock, law enforcement responded that upon witnessing the unprovoked attack of Muslim thugs throwing rocks , injuring several protesters, they did nothing to stop them.

The Wayne County sheriff’s office gave a well practiced politically correct apology, a strategy introduced by Obama. Robert J. Muise, AFLC senior counsel stated:

“Whether you agree or disagree with the Christians’ message, there is one issue to which there is no dispute: no citizen should be stoned in a city street in America for exercising his constitutional right to freedom of speech.”


When tribes like these enter the modern world, it overwhelms them and makes them go crazy. Maybe someday they will start to fit in. But, not any time soon.


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