Actress Ashley Judd Glad She Was Able to Abort Her Baby Instead of Having to “Deliver a Child”


This week’s Democratic National Convention included a touching statement by actress Ashley Judd.

During the convention, she spoke about protecting the rights of sexual assault survivors like herself. The event she spoke at was hosted by NARAL, a radical pro-abortion group that supports abortion, not just in the rare cases, but for any reason up until birth.

In her statement, Judd spoke about how she became pregnant after she was raped. She said she made the “excruciating decision” to have an abortion, and now she is glad she did:

“If abortion had not been safe and legal at that time, I would have been forced to carry to term and deliver a child that was conceived in rape. We are a great country, and rapists have paternity rights in 22 states, including the state in which I was raped and the state which my rapist is from. I am very grateful to NARAL and Men for Choice for allowing me the dignity to make that excruciating decision for myself.”


Many agree with Judd that it should be easier to terminate rapists’ parental rights. Analyn Megison, a board member of of Hope After Rape Conception, had to fight her rapist for custody of her daughter. She explained:

“My custody case in Florida against my rapist started in 2010 and went on for a little over two years.  Though I had a restraining order and had pursued prosecution, he was not convicted of rape. At the time he sued for custody, I did not know how many states had no or limited legal protection at that time from a rapist biological father when the child was conceived from his attack. Those states which had laws required a rape conviction.”


Rebecca Kiessling is an advocate for mothers across the country who decide against having an abortion after they were victimized. She has helped with a new federal law, the Rape Survivor Child Custody Act, to protect women in these situations. She stated:

“We encourage every pro-life organization to get behind this legislation,  as Right to Life of Michigan is currently championing this bill.  Not only is it pro-life in effect — because pregnant rape victims will be more likely to choose life if they know they’ll be protected from the rapist, but you’ll be able to demonstrate that you really care about these women and their children, and you’ll also have the advantage of seeing rape survivor mothers testifying before the legislature.”



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