Alan Jackson Honors Wife With Fairytale Ballad ‘I’d Love You All Over Again’


We all know that Jackson is a great Christian who always shares his love towards Christianity through his songs and quotes. There are many of his songs that give religious insight like “Kiss An Angel Good Mornin’”1 and “Monday Morning Church.”

But, his album Precious Memories was the one that solidified him as a top Christian artist. The album is a gospel songs collection and was the best-selling Christian album in 2006.

Country music legend Alan Jackson has recorded countless ballads full of emotions. Masterpieces like “Where We You (When The World Stopped Turning)” and “Sissy’s Song” are portrays of his personal emotional life, among which is the heart wrenching ballad “I’d Love You All Over Again”.

The beautiful ballad is one of the most fitting wedding songs. In the song, Jackson sings about undying love and how he’d marry his true love again and again.

Women worldwide swooned as the crooner’s voice romantically sang, “The preacher man said till death do us part/ That seemed like forever to a young man’s heart/ Now the days seem much shorter/ The longer we love/ And the memories just keep adding up.” 

The heartfelt song gained success on the Billboard charts, skyrocketing to the coveted no. 1 spot in 1991! His muse for the song is his loving wife, Denise, the mother of his three daughters.

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