WATCH: Newt Gingrich SHUT DOWN Sharia Law With POWERFUL Message – Muslims Are FREAKING OUT!


Every sane person on the planet knows that the Sharia law is a sick way to oppress and abuse women and homosexuals.

This kind of disgusting belief system mustn’t be implemented in a free and democratic society. There is no place for Sharia law in the western world!

Yet, liberals are openly embracing this sickening ‘law’, calling it “beautiful” and “empowering.”

We are not sure whether they see the irony here, but then again, liberals aren’t known as smart people.

The most “moderate forms” of Sharia law ban women from driving and obligate them to have a male escort when leaving the house. They also must wear a head-to-toe covering cloth.

So, this is liberals’ idea of “beautiful” and “empowering”.

Women in countries like Saudi Arabia are imprisoned for being RAPE victims. Their logic? They tempted the man (rapist).

And that’s not all.

Furthermore, we have hanging of gay people in public.

That being said, we must stand against it! Muslims want to assimilate every democratic country there is!

Moreover, liberals need to understand that the ideology goes against everything that the word “liberal” stands for! If Muslims win their game, liberals would be the first ones to hang, and then the rest of us.

Watch the video:

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