Reba McEntire Screws Hollywood Celebs – Makes New Pro-American Song With 1 Big Difference


One of the best country singers known to the music industry, Reba McEntire, has a new hit song with a thoughtful message for liberals. With the song, she has touched millions and thought a lesson to even more people that had been expressing their outrage and dissatisfaction with President Donald Trump.

In her new song, Reba talks about these hard times when Americans are burning flags, dishonoring the military and police officers that keep us safe, rioting in the streets and wishing death on the POTUS. She continues by saying that we should put our focus on getting this country back to God.

The song itself is especially touching. In it, she explains how with  faith most be restored, not just in God, but in the new president as well:

“You gotta get down on your knees, believe, fold your hands and beg and plead, you gotta keep on praying. With a little more faith, and a little more respect for faith, the turmoil and division in this country will die down. This country will unite under our President.”




Rosie O’Donnell, Nancy Pelosi and others liberals don’t really awkward. They should accept that they are brainwashing the citizens into violence.