Obama & McCain’s Secret Plot To Screw Trump During August Vacation Will Make You SICK!


Many are wondering if former President Barack Obama made some kind of a pact with John McCain to undermine and ultimately impeach President Donald Trump while he is away on his vacation.

According to reports, Valerie Jarrett and Obama put the plot in motion immediately before Barack took off with his jet for Martha’s Vineyard, only so he could have a solid evidence that he didn’t had anything to do with it.

Patriots have been suspecting faul play, so they investigated and uncovered something shocking and far worse than the leftist nutjobs which targeted Republican congressmen and disrupted the events with bull horns as well as plants in the audience about how they would die if Obamacare was ended.

The Organizing for Action would cause problems for Trump using their paid rioters. But, the worst part was when they found out McCain is being protected by them, and he will be cheered for by the OFA.

The protests would begin immediately after the POTUS laid out an immigration plan, which would have the system reformed, all with the goal of drastically rein in the number of green cards issued would deliver a nasty blow to the globalist agenda, even more than the situation with the border-wall, but unfortunately for them, they don’t know the type of man they are up against.

In moments of desperation, McCain has even went as far as to try and force Trump to sign a bipartisan immigration bill, but it didn’t seem to receive the expected positive feedback.



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